Filofax personal size inserts

UPDATE April 17, 2018: It’s finally done! Go to Etsy →

Yew & Mother-of-Pearl Runes

I’ve gotten a new rune set listed at my still-tiny Etsy shop. Seasoned yew harvested last year on Midsummer’s Eve and inlaid with genuine mother-of-pearl.

Pastel drawing "Self"

Quick update on some things I have in the works: a new rune set that will be made available on Etsy, and the second piece in the “Ragnarök” series.

Intersectionality: The Devil At The Crossroads

“Privilege” is indistinguishable from witchcraft.

"False Self"

“False Self,” the first of a new series in which I attempt to learn both pastels and expressing my sentiments via image rather than written word.

Art: "Dark Eagle Sunset"

She found herself in a department store, like an old 1970s K-Mart or Sears, busy with shoppers and cashiers and merchandise. The overhead lights in the store were off.

My Art

If this blog goes the way I am tentatively planning as of this writing, one of the main things I will be posting here is new artwork every other week. I thought it would be useful to start with an overview of my artwork to date, and some context as to what my art has meant to me through various phases of my life and intellectual growth.

The First Post: About Me

About me, a GenX housewife living in Pittsburgh, and my interests: Paganism & witchcraft, urban homesteading, dealing with and healing my autoimmune disorder, and developing a nascent drawing talent.