Filofax personal size inserts

In Progress: Filofax Inserts With Pagan & Planetary Infos

UPDATE April 17, 2018: It’s finally done! Go to Etsy →

So I was hoping to have Part II of my “West’s Choice” series done by today but the autoimmune dragon has reared its head, so that article is as yet unfinished.

While I have not been feeling up to Big Thinking the past several days, I have been feeling well enough to plug away at something a bit more mechanical in nature: my Filofax inserts. I began making these for my own Filofax a couple years ago because I could not find any inserts that included the information I wanted; I did not want to write all this information on every page; and because, prior to getting sick, I spent my entire adult life working as a web & print graphic designer. So I made my own inserts.

Each month includes a standard month-per-spread grid, and week-per-spread for each week with room for notes, to-dos, etc. Grids include the following information:

  • Date
  • Sun, moon, and planetary ingresses
  • Planetary retrogrades
  • Moon phases
  • Lunar & solar eclipses
  • American holidays
  • The 8 Sabbats
  • Lined note page spread separating the months (not pictured)
  • New York time zone (may change dates of some astronomical data for those outside of New York time zone)

The photos below show the pages printed on 20# Hammermill ivory laser paper from my very low end laser printer, inside my brown personal-size Filofax binder. Please note, this is definitely not good paper for fountain pens. I use Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.3 ultra fine gel ink pens, they do not bleed thru even the lightweight 20# paper.

I will have either the Filofax inserts or the next “West’s Choice” article within the next few days. Inserts will be available at my Etsy shop and the article will of course be available right here. If you would like to be notified when those go live, your best bet is to follow me on Gab. You can also find me at Minds and Facebook, or sign up for the email list in the right-hand column.