Pastel drawing "Self"

Projects In Progress

Pastel drawing "Self"

“Self” in progress. Drawing two of a six-part series called “Ragnarök.” Click to embiggen.

Quick update on some things I have in the works.

First, I am working on the second pastel drawing in the series I began with False Self. The next drawing in the series is called Self. This is what it looks like so far. The series itself is called Ragnarök and will include six drawings.

I’m also working on a new set of runes. This pieces in this set are a bit larger than the ones I used in my previous set, available on Etsy. The set currently available on Etsy is inlaid with genuine copper; all will be made from seasoned yew harvested on Midsummer’s Eve, 2016. The new set I’m working on will be inlaid with mother-of-pearl. In the following images, I’ve used Ansuz from the copper-inlaid set to demonstrate the size difference, although it is not as readily visible in the photos as I’d hoped.